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Aux Jardins de Beltainn

Acupressure et Naturopathie animalières

" The Touch allied with Nature"

  • You noticed an imbalance or a weakness in your companion and want to help
  • Are you looking for solutions to support your pet in a chronic situation ?
  • Are you looking for the best way to support your senior companion?
  • Do you observe behavioral changes in your animal, find him emotionally unbalanced or disturbed ?
  • Has your pet suffered a shock, a big change or a transition in his life and you doesn't know how to help him?
  • You simply want to offer well-being and vitality to your companion and would like to do it in a natural way?

You are in the right place !


I am Charlotte, certified practitioner in animal acupressure & animal naturopathy. 

I practice the art of acupressure and, when necessary, associate it with various natural techniques to support and help your companion find or regain its balance and vitality.


Your companion is unique and so will be its support

Your Companions

Many species can benefit from the benefits of acupressure and naturopathy. From horses to dogs, cats and rabbits and including farm animals.

The Situations

  • Joint and biomechanical disorders

  • Chronic, persistent or recurring situations

  • Dermatological disorders

  • Digestive disorders

  • Allergic manifestations

  • Convalescence

  • Support of vitality and immune defenses
  • Anxiety disorders and mood disorders
  • Old age support
  • Transition phases (new living space, mourning, etc.)
  • Seasonal preparation
And many more ...


Your animal is going through a special situation and you would like to help with a natural  and effective support?

Do not hesitate to contact me!

My Ethos

Integrity  and  benevolence  are values that accompany me on a daily basis in the exercise of my profession.


You will see that here, there is no room for judgment but an open mind that allows me to center my work on your animal and its needs; and for you, a confidentiality carefully maintained. 


And, because it is important for me to support you as well as possible and because my profession fascinates me – I keep my sphere of skills alive and constantly feed it with new exchanges, knowledge and learning. 


And then, when the situation requires it, I have a multidisciplinary network of professionals at your disposal, allowing me to offer you help outside this sphere. 

Nota bene

Naturopathy offers a complementary approach aimed at the physical and psychological well-being of the animal. It does not, in any way, replace checks and visits to your veterinarian. The latter is the only one able to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

If your pet is showing symptoms, has been victim of an accident or you notice changes in its behavior and habits, it is important that a veterinarian visit be made in first intention.

Likewise, I will never go against the veterinarian and will never suggest that you modify, interrupt or refuse veterinary treatment, whether it is preventive, curative or palliativ

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