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Presentation of the Sessions

Each session is personalised and adapted to your animal

In order to do that, I need to have a look at your companion's history, their experience, their environement but also I want to listen to you. The things you have to say about your animal are important because you are the keystone in this support : you are the one sharing its life and you are both writing your own story and so no one else would speak better about it than you.

Beltainn session

The "typical" session generally takes place in 3 stages :

1-  Dialogue & information gathering

At the start of the session, we talk about what you observed, what worries you and what you wish. It will also be an opportunity for me to ask you questions about your animal, its situation, environment, etc...

2- Bodywork

Here, it is about the work I will do with your animal through bodily techniches (acupressure, massage), which will allow me to collect valuable information on its condition but also to act on the problem and/or in prevention as well as to promote its balance and vitality.

3- Assessment & advice

At the end of the session, I share my observations with you, show you a few movements that allow you to continue supporting your animal after the session and offer you, when necessary, natural support adapted to the present situation. This moment is also an opportunity for you to ask questions if necessary

Discovery Session

A 30 minutes session to allow you and your companion to discover the many benefits of acupressure.

This session is focused on general wellness and does not offer pre or post session's assessment


This is a remote energy work, followed by a call to give you feedback from the session.

  • You want a purely energetic work
  • You think that a "toouch" method will not be suitable (trauma, strong pain / sensitivity, ...)
  • You live far from my region (Bas-Valais)
  • Your schedule is a bit tight

... DistantAcu is for you!

Guadrian | Animal session

A distance energy work, which focuses on the privileged relationship between your protected & you, the links that are woven. A gentle and non-invasive way to find or regain harmony and balance within your relationship.

Bundle " 3 Sessions"

Why 3 sessions ?

Because when you want to take action when faced with a problem, it is an excellent solution to allow optimal natural management :

  • The animal is not under stress, it not only has time to get used to the sessions but its body also has time to react, to express itself and to adapt
  • I have the possibility of having a real "dialogue" with your animal. I can act, they can react and then we can work together for its balance. 
  • You also have time to notice changes, to let me know in order to adapt the next session. Time also to let questions arise or thoughts that you would not necessarily have had during a single session.


  • You offer your animal calm, stress-free support, where they will be listened to
  • You give its body the time it needs to express itself and react
  • You allow the support to be even more precise and adapted to its own situation
  • A more advantageous price per session

Bundle "5 Elements, 5 Seasons"

For Classical Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements are a vision of everything that surrounds us, phenomena and beings, movements that act around and in us; in short all that transforms and acts on the universe.

Each season has its own element, its own movement, its key organs, its sensibilities and challenges, but also its strenghs and possibilities.

The 5 Seasons are spring, summer, late summer or harvest time, autumn and winter.

This bundle offers you a specific session for each season to allow your animal to prepare as best as possible and be able to get the most out of it. 


  • Allows your animal to maintain balance and vitality throughout the seasons
  • Offers support in seasonal situations, in addition to veterinary follow-up (gastrointestinal concerns in the spring, allergies, dermatitis, ENT fragility, etc...)
  • Can be included in the "10 Sessions" bundle without price increase
  • A neat price
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