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My Path

As far as I can remember, my connection with animals has always been very present. I had the chance to grow up among them and since then, this bond has continued to grow over the years, meetings, adoptions... I have therefore always lived surrounded by animals, they are my oxygen, a certain force and on many occasions, guides.

It took a few professional steps to lead me to this career and each of these steps allowed me to follow multiple courses, seminars and continuing education in the field of natural techniques, enriching the soil of my current work.

The importance of being trained, keeping one's knowledge up to date and constantly enriching it form a real pillar of the approach to my job. Whether it's the art of acupressure or the various natural techniques, it is essential for me to nurture one's knowledge and to always have the desire to move forward on this path - especially in fields so extraordinarily vast.

Shared experiences, exchanges and bits of journeys shared are another pillar and a living and vital aspect of my practice. Being passionate is important in a job, but sharing and giving is, for me, absolutely central to the practice with animals and humans.

The well-being, the balance, the physical and psychological integrity of the animals are my priority and my primary motivation. All the techniques learned and the experience acquired are so many tools in my box and making them available to you is the raison d'être of Les Jardins de Beltainn.


Continuing & Complementary Education


No Pressure Acupressure ™ - Energetic work for an "hands-on free" acupressure - Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for the Immune system - Elemental Acupressure

Your Elemental Matrix ™ - The 5 Elements on the human side, their patterns and how to work for their harmony - Elemental Acupressure

Energy Work ™ - Grounding & clean-out techniques, Energetic reading - Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for Vitality - Elemental Acupressure

Acupressure for the back and hind quarters - Elemental Acupressure


Energy Work II ™ - Energy work second degree - Elemental Acupressure

EA expended programm - Extraordinary Vesseles : Ren Mai, Du Mai, Dai Mai

Energy Massage Technic - training by Thierry Rouvinez - in progress

Enhancing the Immune system with acupuncture -  course by Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki  & Dr. Yair Maimon - TCM Academy for integrative medicine

Immunity & Autoimmunity - course by Dr. Butch Levy - TCM Academy for integrative medicine

Clearing the clouds: introduction to Shen acupuncture - course by Dr. Yair Maimon - TCM Academy for Integrative Medicine

Treat the Shen & tranform emotions - course by Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki - TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine

EA™ expended programm - 5 Elements Points & Climates


Regulating the Immune System in TCM: Theory & Practice - course by Dr. Yair Maimon - TCM Academy for Integrative Medicine

EA™ expended programm - The Meridian series - in progress

Rooting the Spirit : Clinial application of the 13 Ghost points - course by Rani Ayal - in progress TCM Academy for Integrative Medicine

Unlocking the Essence of Acupuncture points Ren3 to Ren6 - webinar by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée - TCM Academy for Integrative Medicine






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The Year of Wood Dragon - Webinar by CT Holman - TCM Academy for Integrative Medicine

EA™ expended programm - 






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